Bryant’s Townhouse Community

As a senior, I have the privilege of living in the townhouses. This living arrangement provides students with a full kitchen, dining area, living room, two full bathrooms and four bedrooms. I live in a house of seven other people. The houses are all in the same area of campus and have a very safe, very homey feel to it. This year, residence life has taken more steps to ensure that the students who live in the townhouses feel that their voices are heard and they are cherished on campus. Esther Thomas, the townhouses’ new Area Director, sends out motivational quotes. This was the most recent:


And there have been others, such as:


Every week I look forward to these small reminders to think positive. Esther probably does not know the impact of these weekly emails, but for me they are significant. There are also monthly townhouse newsletters giving students updates on what is happening in the community, recipes to try in the townhouse kitchen, and relevant content for seniors.


The final way residence life is doing an exceptional job making sure the townhouse resident’s voices are heard are through community forums. Every month, students have the opportunity to voice their opinions and learn about what’s happening.

This treatment of respect and transparency makes me proud to live in this community on Bryant’s campus. It is important for our concerns to be recognized, opinions to be heard and issues to be addressed. This happens at Bryant in a respectful, mature environment. For that, I am grateful.

Live in love,