What I’ve learned by being a Bryant Student Ambassador

It’s funny to think that not so long ago, I was a senior in high school going on numerous amounts of college campus tours with my parents. Dreading every question my mom may or may not ask, and hoping to fall in love with whatever school I toured. However it wasn’t until Bryant that I felt that “just right feeling” being on a tour.

I was always the type of person that got super involved in high school. I loved to help others and get my hands dirty with any type of work people wanted to throw at me. In high school, I had given tours to people who had never seen our high school before, (which wasn’t many) however, I knew that giving a tour was something that made me extremely happy, because I could be the person that would make or break someone’s decision on where they attended.

My first semester at Bryant, I applied to be a Student Ambassador, and luckily for me I was granted the opportunity to become one. I immediately was so happy because I knew that being a positive face for Bryant was very important to me within my four years here.

I couldn’t start giving tours until second semester of my freshman year, but during that time I was able to follow tours, and study the guide, and it just made me that more excited that I could put my own twist my soon to be tour. And by spring semester, I was able to do so, and when my first tour came around, boy was I nervous.

Last month, Bryant University hosted their Annual Fall Open house. The student ambassadors welcomed over 700+ families and prospective students to our beautiful campus in hopes to see many of them next fall. Although 8am on a Saturday isn’t my ideal wake up time to be cheery and giddy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Later on in the day, I gave a tour to a group of about 10. There were times that I felt as if I lost the families in interest here and there, but then I would lure them back in with personal stories. At the end of the tour, ( I had thought, It could have been better), I had multiple people come up to me, clap for me, and ask me numerous questions about subjects I thought they didn’t care about. For me, that was rewarding to know that people appreciated what we as the student ambassadors do.

What I’ve learned though my yearlong ambassador position, is to just be yourself. Parents and students, love that.

-Tell personal stories, it makes your tour personable.

-Smile, because you could be the only smile these prospective families see all day.

-I’ve learned to be mindful of others and remember that college is a scary place for some people to even think about.

Senior year in high school is stressful enough, especially in these crucial college decision months. But if I am lucky enough to be your tour guide in the future, I hope my Bryant experience encourages you to become a Bulldog yourself, because that is what my tour guide in the spring of 2015 did for me.

My fellow Ambassadors and I at Fall Open house 2016.

My fellow Ambassadors and I at Fall Open house 2016.