Group Projects at Bryant University

One of the biggest parts of course work at Bryant is your ability to interact with your peers and work together in an academic community. This collaboration can be a study group with some friends, a small partner assignment, or even a large group project.

So far I have had two classes where formal large group projects have been assigned. The first is Macroeconomics, where my group will be participating in the Principles of Economics Competition. The ‘PEC’ is an in-depth analysis of the fiscal policies proposed by both candidates in the 2016 presidential election. We have to create an oral presentation that demonstrates our analysis, so it has been extremely important to co-operate with my teammates so we know who says what when we present in a few weeks. The other large first-year project is the GFOB business plan (which I talked a bit about in my “Welcome to GFOB” blog, click here to read it!). It has been vital to the efficiency of our team to maintain strong communication with each other, as we only have so many weeks to research our product and form a business plan. It has been one of the most extensive group projects I have ever been a part of, and I think it will be a great experience to prepare me for the world of business after I graduate.

Small partnerships and group work are very common during classes at Bryant. For most of my Writer’s Workshop essays, I will have a partner to peer-review with to get a second opinion on my work. For my Politics class, we group up for mock debates and political analysis. It has helped me a lot with public speaking, since most of our small groups do presentations in class. I also look at it as a way to connect with students that I might not know that well, especially since Bryant has relatively small class sizes.

For classes I struggle in like Calculus, I find it helpful to work with a study group. Bryant offers a lot of spaces to collaborate in. Personally, I enjoy the AIC, but the top floor of the Fisher Center and the study rooms in Bello are good spots, too. It really helps me to talk out the problems I’m confused on, so I’m very grateful there are friends and faculty here at Bryant that offer their advice and expertise to help me.

Overall, I’d say collaboration is a skill students at Bryant pride themselves in, and I’m very happy that I can learn and work with others to enhance my own education.