i2i- A Cultural Dance Experience

Bryant University prides itself on being diverse and making its students culturally aware about what is happening around the world. Part of this experience can be cultivated through the Sophomore International Experience, cultural events on campus and the variety of study abroad programs that our school offers. One cultural event that I always heard about on campus was the i2i Cultural Dance Show. Hosted on Friday night in the MAC, this show was one not to be missed on our campus!


I wasn’t sure what to expect being a freshman, but I have heard how great the show was and how I needed to make sure that I went. I was so glad I did! I’ve always appreciated how dancers could gracefully move across the stage and perform in front of hundreds of people. Seeing so many Bryant students represent their heritage and other students was truly amazing.

The performance started off with the USA dance. Watching the diverse multicultural students all represent USA was super entertaining and fun. aDvANCEd Evolution put on a great show! The next performance was the Dragon Dance Team. I’ve seen the team perform on campus before, but they really stepped up their game this time, with two different dragons, which definitely surprised the audience!  I can’t imagine how much work must have gone into that dance!

The next dance was Jamaica! Jamaica was one of my favorites! There were so many pieces to the dance and so many dancers were part of the performance. The team wore yellow and green bandanas around their arms and legs to represent the colors of Jamaica, which I thought was innovative and creative! The sounds of Jamaican music were were really different from what I was used to so I appreciated the diversity with this dance.

The Velocity dance team performed as Ireland. I really liked this dance because they had one dancer performed a traditional Irish step dance. Then the team took a nontraditional take on the Irish culture. With green lighting the team performed a hard-hitting powerful routine with a contemporary twist. The next dance was showcased by the Dominican Republic. This had a large number of partner work and had a large Latin America flare where the girls had red flowers in their hair.

The next dance was showcasing India. I’ve always been fascinated with Indian culture and the dance aspect of it. Seeing the girls with the long flowing skirts and the men with their traditional shirts made me feel like I was watching a performance in India. I was enthralled how every dancer was in sync with each other and their hand motions were all together. South Korea was next up! I’ve never seen K-Pop music danced to before, but I was incredibly surprised with how the dance was put together! Africa was next and this was the final scene.The dancers were incredibly interactive with the audience and I thought what the dancers makeup and clothing truly showcased what the culture of Africa brings to the world.

This event was so well put together! I thought the acting in between scenes was a great idea because not only did this tell a story, but it also entertained the audience so they weren’t waiting for the next scene to start. A huge congratulations to every dancer who performed and helped with the show! I’m looking forward to next year’s show and will definitely be attending!