A Bryant Student Christmas Wish list….

With Christmas slowly creeping up on us, we keep hearing from our parents, “what do you want for Christmas this year?” And some have been planning this list since last year, and some of us (like me) look dumb-found whenever the question is asked replying with “maybe money…. I don’t know. “ Well if you’re like me, and you aren’t too sure what to ask for, for Christmas, look no further!!  Here is a list of 10 things that I (a Bryant Student) will be adding to my Christmas list this year!


Anything and everything in the Bryant bookstore. From t-shirts, to zip-cups to the Bryant pom-pom Christmas hats, to those ugly sweater t-shirts…. Gimme them all!!!!!! As if I don’t already own enough Bryant clothes…..


Tupper…. Or maybe just a dog… I just need a puppy who is as chill and calm and collected as Tupper. He literally lives the life, getting wheeled around in his carriage with his ball in his mouth all day. I need.


Dunkin Donuts gift cards: “no mom I don’t go to class 5 minutes late every morning because I stop for a Dunkin ice coffee…”


Ice-skates so when the pond freezes over, and we have a snow day, instead of sitting in, I’ll make some fun!


Sleep- Sometimes I forget that that is something that I actually need to survive. I often forget that Netflix isn’t a necessity. So please Santa, bring me sleep?


Motivation. With finals creeping up, it is often that we may lose focus on what we really need to pay attention to. So as an early Christmas gift, motivation for me to do well, and study hard is something I am really needing!


Happy holidays everyone! Hope this article gave you a little bit more of an idea of what you’ll be asking for this holiday season!