Bryant’s CEO E-Pitch

This week was the infamous freshman “Elevator Pitch” for this semester’s GFOB students.

A portion of the GFOB business plan, this event features a 60 second pitch by two group members to a board of “investors” (portrayed by Bryant CEO members and professors). These students introduce their company, product line, and their projections and goals for their product. After the first round, 12 teams are selected as finalists for the second round, with prizes up to $750 for the winning teams!

I think this is a great opportunity for students who may not have a great background in public speaking. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, but it really presents a unique experience to see what entrepreneurs do when they create their business. It requires some memorization and practice, but students who know their products and have done their research will do just fine.

My role for the E-pitch was helping my two presenter teammates prepare their pitch and iron out any issues. I helped conduct research and summarize the information we gathered across the semester. Though I didn’t present, my teammates told me it was a rewarding experience and they were surprised by how easy their pitch was in the end. It’s also a great way to prepare for interviews, since everyone dresses business professional and works on their presentation skills to best convince “potential investors” that their group has the best potential to succeed.

In all, the Elevator Pitch is a great way to introduce students to how to start their own business and find investors through real-world practice, and I definitely recommend any freshman to volunteer to present in their group!