Finals Prep

I find beauty in madness, and that is exactly what this time of year is–madness. But for some reason I love it. I think I love it because you see how hard people are willing to work in order to succeed in life. In the end GPA may “just” be a number but it shows the level of hard work and effort someone is willing to put into themselves and their future. This is my thought process as I look around myself when I am in the crowded Unistructure, Fisher Student Center, Library, or the Academic Innovation Center. I see people desperately trying to better themselves in the one way they know how to–through hard work.

Work ethic has the power to either make or break a person–this I know for sure. I believe in hard work, and I believe in the fact that if you work hard enough for something then you are going to eventually obtain it. This is one of the things I love about Bryant is the work ethic that all of the students bear within themselves. It’s this ability to know what they want from the world and for them to always be chasing it. I have discussed before just how incredible the amount of student leaders there are on campus. But this is a direct reflection off of the amount of work ethic students have. You cannot be a leader in this world unless you are 100% committed to working as hard as you can. This is seen throughout all of the stress, tears, and complaining that occurs during the time of finals–the work ethic, the drive, and the desire to be more. So during this time I encourage people to stop what they are doing and to soak it all in, because in the end this is what we are here for.