My Bryant University Bucket List!

Now that we have about one regular week of school left, I’ve been doing some thinking about my time here at Bryant. I definitely have been thinking about my plans for my future here and what things I want to experience while I’m on campus. I thought I would make a list to remind myself and hopefully complete it!

Walk through the Archway! This has been a Bryant tradition and after graduation I would love to walk through the Archway and signify that I graduated from Bryant! When I came to Bryant my junior year to tour, I always remembered hearing the tour guides talk about how students shouldn’t walk through the Archway prior to graduation and that always resonated with me. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this on Commencement in 2020!

Win a race against a division one boat at a regatta! This would be a really great accomplishment for Bryant’s rowing team. Because Bryant rowing is still a club sport it would be a great feeling to win a race against a team of this caliber.

Live with my friends in a townhouse! Although I love living in my double in Hall 14, I think it would be so much fun to live in the townhouses. I think that living in the townhouses is like having a sleepover with not only your roommate (who is my best friend) but up to eight of your best friends at the same time! I love being around my friends and I think that living with them and getting to share that experience would be such a positive one for me!

Win a competition here at Bryant! Every time you look around at Bryant someone is winning a competition, whether it’s a sales competition, a marketing competition, an e-pitch competition, or a Target competition. I would love to win a competition no matter what it is with a group I’m working with! I think this would be incredibly satisfactory and I would feel really great about the work that I put it.

Go have brunch in Providence! Every Bryant student knows how essential Providence is to our campus. Bryant students love to go into Providence and hang out during the week and on the weekends. I’ve been telling my friends how excited am I to eventually have my own car on campus and I definitely want to venture into Providence more often! One of the things I would love to do would be to enjoy a nice brunch with my friends on a Sunday morning in Providence! I think this would be super enjoyable and a great way to start off my week! Plus Providence has a great food-scene to take advantage of!


These are the things that I definitely believe are attainable and I can get done by the end of my four years! Hopefully I’ll accomplish every one of them and have some great memories to look back on with my friends!

Go Bulldogs!