Reflecting on my First College Semester

Wow, it’s hard to believe December is already here!

It’s been a great semester here at Bryant University, and I’ve learned a lot in not only my classes but in my experiences outside the classroom.

In academics, I’ve learned how to build an entire business plan and work together efficiently with a group of my peers. I’ve written papers about analyzing U.S. government policies and impacts of government in American society. I’ve learned how integrals in calculus can be used to find revenues and costs that I can apply in my business classes. I’ve learned what goes into our GDP, and the ways economies work to balance and steadily grow. I’ve learned how to persuade an audience, and to research topics I don’t know about and interpret the information I read. Bryant has really pushed me to stretch my knowledge and my skill set to learn more for my future.

Just as important as what I learned in the classroom is what I learned outside of it. I’ve always been terrible at time management, but creating my own schedule has really made me more focused and independent. I find it easier to plan out my homework¬†while still making time for intramurals and time with my friends. I know that as long as I can take moderate amounts of time out of the day to study, I can spend more free time relaxing on the weekends. It’s more of a balancing act in a college schedule than a strict high school schedule, but once you figure out what you want to do during the week, it’s a great experience. I’ve also learned to communicate effectively with my classmates, because I often depend on them to work on group projects together, or to study for exams. College really is a learning experience, even when you leave the classroom for the day.

It took me a little while to adjust from high school to college, but it’s been a mostly smooth transition. There’s always a way to get help at Bryant, and I feel completely comfortable for when I start the second semester after winter break.