Last Blog of 2016

 15380395_884387345031378_7094337172930725461_n On December 8, I had a surreal opportunity to return back to my former school (Community College of RI) to give a talk with Brenda Doran, Director of Transfer Admissions at Bryant to potential transfer students. I had not been here in a year and a half, and frankly, had no intentions of ever being back until Brenda asked me to. It was surreal because I able to see my former professors who played key roles in making me the man that I am today. I think I had some tears in my eyes but I was so happy I could not tell.

The presentation was to an Intro to Management class, one of the last classes I took before transferring to Bryant. Prof. Berard to who teaches this also teaches the same course here at Bryant so it was like a little Bryant reunion. It was in this same class (while I was a CCRI student) that I learned about the BCG Matrix- the same Boston Consulting Group I will be visiting in early January 2017 to shadow a senior knowledge analyst with some of his case teams and managers for the day. I basically shared my experiences with the students and the opportunities I had received since my junior year at Bryant. It is always good for one to recount his/her past blessings because it reminds you where you started and how far one has come. The students were interested and I was glad I came.

I returned back to campus for Prof. Trifts class just in time to hear his last advice for us going into financial services. Dr. Trifts is the man. Today he was not a professor. He was a father advising young future professionals about the future and the responsibility we had to make good decisions and never compromising our integrity in any area of our lives. He also advised us to help future students of Bryant who will call on us decades from now for internships/jobs. It was too surreal.

15390760_884387341698045_7726410124132689787_nI returned back to Bryant later that evening for the 40th annual Festival of The Lights. It was my first experience with this festival, too. I had heard it was nice so I decided to drop by and see since I knew I had only a semester left here. It truly was. I had my camera so I proceeded to take a lot of pictures and capture the moments. I could not stay for the cookies because finals was just a few days away but I loved every moment of the night.

And now, I look forward to my  final round of fall exams and preparing for my final semester at Bryant.