Week 1 & 2

It was nice heading back to campus after the productive break I had. It was even nicer seeing familiar faces again. I remember having an upbeat feeling about my last semester here and wanting to get some things done like attending one Bryant @ Night event and one Commuter Connection Social before I step off this campus in May. So I did exactly that.

Resized_20170201_150443The Commuter Connection Social, which was last Wednesday, was held inside the commuter connection room inside Fisher. I must admit, never had I seen so many commuters in my life at Bryant in one place. I was pleasantly surprised seeing all the new transfer students in particular. It reminded me of myself two years earlier. It had almost been a year since I stepped into the office. The social was everything I had missed over the years of not attending – cordial, laid back & exciting! About half of the commuters I knew had graduated last year and their absence was immediately felt.

A week earlier, I went to the first Bryant @ Night event in the Roto, where a celebrated Hypnotist had come to perform on campus. It was a memorable experience enjoying the food provided by Dean Kawamoto.

20170205_185622The highlight of the week was obtaining my Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate. Before school session began this year, the school installed five Bloomberg Terminals on the top floor of the library with seven more in the process of being installed on the bottom floor. I got wind of this from Prof. Trifts so I decided to get certified in the BMC before I graduated.

Seeing the terminals on campus made me very proud because I remember one of the Professors who came by telling us that some schools had only one terminal and they “couldn’t get enough of it.” Bryant has twelve of these and Bloomberg charges $24,000 for one terminal subscription per year. Think about that.