Snow Day???

This is the one notification on twitter that every Bryant University student waits patiently for:

Beautiful serenity

Beautiful serenity

“OK bulldogs, you have your wish, classes today are cancelled, As agreed see you at the basketball game! Sweet dreams” @BryantUPrez or better known as President Ronald Machtley.

President Machtley is known to hold off on granting us a snow day for as long as possible. The rarity of it though adds to the splendor of it all. Whether you are looking for a day to yourself to rest, catch up on readings, or to have a movie day with your friends–everyone is looking forward to this day. I always love how everyone turns on Machteley’s tweet notifications in order to be the first people to know of the cancellations, and how people talk non-stop of it. The excitement of it all makes up for the mess that ensues once the snow starts falling.

The bright side of the snow is the fact that Bryant’s facility team works 24/7 in order to make sure that the campus is safe enough to travel across it. From 7:00 am yesterday all the way through today, I have seen Facilities everywhere cleaning up Mother Nature’s mess.

Overall, my favorite way to spend snow days is catching up on homework and watching movies with my friends while wrapped up in my favorite blanket. It’s a nice lull in a usually extremely busy week. I think all Bulldogs can agree with me when I say that snow days are a good way to help get¬†through the winter season.