Spring Org Fair

It is that time of the semester, the Org Fair! Even though it is not as much fun as the Fall Org Fair, it is still an important day in the semester. It gives the opportunity of recruitment for the clubs on campus.

For me, it is quite a busy day. For Dawg Pound, I am trying to promote the final stretch of basketball games as much as possible, as both teams are fighting for a home playoff game. There has definitely been some life the last two home games for the Dawg Pound, as attendance as level of energy has been a positive sign. In two close games, the cheers can add that extra level of intensity for the teams to pull off the win. With the opportunity of the Org Fair, it gives us an opportunity to recruit some more members and spread the word of the Pound as much as possible.

As for Sales Team, our Super Bowl of competitions is approaching in the Georgia trip. So, as we try to recruit, we are also trying to prepare. Our Org Fair day as a team will be reviewing the case and getting prepared.

The Org Fair also brings out the culture of Bryant. As I sit and table for my organizations, I look around at the other students campaigning for their organizations. Seeing the variety of different options such as rugby, dance team, sororities, and more just prove the rich diversity this campus has.

Org Fair day always brings the positivity out of the students. Looking around at the different organizations makes you forget about if you are a freshman or senior. Instead, it makes you think about how you can have the most fun being a student on campus.  IMG_4932