My Journey to being an Orientation Leader

In the fall semester I had been 1/ 16 members who have been chosen to be an Orientation leader for the class of 2021. During the fall semester, we as a team had met and introduced ourselves to one another. We became somewhat familiar with each other; however, we weren’t too close as friends. Those of us who knew each other kind of clung together at the first meeting. But then we as a team had a breakthrough, and created a relationship that will only better the 16 of us as student leaders.

The start of this spring semester, we had a retreat off campus. From Friday-Sunday, we were only with our team and the faculty members that we would be working with for the summer orientation.  At the end of the weekend, we went from a team to a family. I can tell you something that every single one of the members likes, hates etc. And I can also tell you that every one of my team members are going to be incredible orientation leaders.

What I am looking forward to this summer during Orientation is the impact that my teammates and I will have on the incoming students. When I had attended Orientation about two summers ago, I looked at my dad and said “I want to be one of those OLs at some point at Bryant.” The impact the OLs that year had on me has stuck with me since I left Bryant that day in June. They motivated me, inspired me to get involved, and got me excited to be a member of the Bryant Community. Now, I am excited for myself and my other team members to have that same impact on the Class of 2021.

There will be updates to come as my journey continues and as we continue our training through this spring semester. Look out for more articles! I’ll keep y’all posted, and who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you in June!