Valentine’s Day Event

20170214_102308 20170214_102336 Earlier yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend The Art & Science (A&S) of Love Valentine’s Day celebration inside the Roto. This colorful event was organized by the Faculty & Staff of A&S and it ran from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Among the people around were Dean Bradford, lecturers from the different departments of A&S  and other University staff members.

20170214_102551The decorations were extremely beautiful and the setup was wonderful. Upon arriving, I proceeded to look at the art displays on the wall; it was an exhibition of students from different majors within A&S and I thought it was very impressive.



I made it a point to grab a quick bite before being drawn in by the ladies (pictured here) who convinced me to write20170214_102904 something nice for the immigrants on campus.  My message read “Welcome to America,” the same words my parents said to me when I first arrived on the shores of this great nation a couple of years ago. It was a sobering experience!

There was also a table where students could write anonymous messages to their crushes on campus.  I must say, I am always impressed by whoever does the decorations for events on campus. Before I left, students had started pouring in to take part of what I think was a sort of descriptive “write about you personality” activity. Some were just merely thankful to be in good company while some were there to appreciate the activity itself.