The Art and Science of Love

In elementary school, I loved passing out Valentines to all my classmates. There was something so special about receiving a kind note from every person in the class. I would run home after school with my shoe-box-turned-mail-box in my hands and proudly show my mom the array of cards, candy and pencil erasers my classmates shared.

Unfortunately, as I got older, this tradition became a thing of the past. I was surprised to walk into the Rotunda, a beautiful room at the center of campus, on Valentine’s Day to find a sea of pink and red tables adorned with crafts, Valentine’s cards, and small handouts. I walked up to one of the tables to find out what was going on.


As it turns out, the College of Arts and Sciences hosted a Valentine’s Day party celebrating love and art. There was cookies to be decorated, cards to be made and networking to be done. I walked from table to table taking in this joyful event.



My favorite part was a board of people sharing what love meant to them. There were some funny ones and others were more serious. In addition to the photo below, there was a large canvas where people could share their feelings about love.


Of course, there was recognition to the Colleges of Arts and Sciences. As an entry to a raffle, students wrote what the college meant to them. As a Literary and Cultural Study and Sociology double minor, the College of Arts and Sciences is a place that allows me to look critically at the world around me, create solutions to issues that impact society at large, and a way to express myself artistically.

This display of positivity and love was such a nice surprise Valentine’s Day morning. As a second semester senior I am still falling in love with Bryant more every day.

Live in love,