A Day at MyPath

This year the entire freshmen class had the opportunity to attend the MyPath Showcase. MyPath is an opportunity for underclassmen to speak with students and faculty about their majors and minors and find out more information about what they want to do here at Bryant and after their four years here!

The Showcase started off with speaker Zach Mercurio, Zach has a long list of accomplishments, which you can read about here, and he came to speak to Bryant freshmen about making their passion and talent happen at Bryant. Zach was a business executive, turned public speaker who has a great message for young students trying to figure out their purpose in life.

Zach opened his presentation with a bang. He constantly wanted audience interaction and feedback, two key things which make presentations great. Zach focused the presentation on the audience. He wanted to make sure that we saw that we have the ability to be great and have purpose. He spoke passionately about not wasting energy, which I really liked. One of the most powerful quotes, for me at least, was not part of the bigger ideas of the presentation. It was said in passing and it almost slipped under my radar. The quote stated, “The amount of people that live for two- sevenths of their lives is astounding.” I hadn’t thought about this before, but I could definitely relate to this. To me, this means find purpose in the entirety of your life, not only the most looked forward to parts, because then your life will have purpose.

The presentation forged on with more audience participation in the “Authentic Purpose sheet.” Zach explained we were going to do an exercise which would help us to find our purpose. It was a half sheet with the words,”I exist to (verb) (humans.. who?) to (think/ feel/ do/ believe.) Students were to fill out the blank lines with what they felt their purpose was. Mine stated, “ I exist to create for people to connect and learn. He had everyone take a few minutes and fill it out. After some members of the group shared, he went to generalize what the general purpose of all of the “I exist to” statements were about. Zach clarified they most people wrote about something bigger than themselves. He then bridged this portion of the presentation to why Bryant exists. Mercurio then explained that Bryant exists to help us make a difference in the world, and says so in its mission statement.

I felt that Zach’s message was incredibly well felt by the students who were listening, and I know I definitely got something out of the presentation. If Zach ever comes again to speak I would definitely go to listen to what he has to say again!

After this part of the MyPath program was over, the students headed to their major/ minor classrooms for the second part of the program. Every major/ minor was paired with a staff and students mentor who talked about the highlights of each program.

Because I’m a marketing major, I attended the marketing presentation just to get a deeper insight on the program here at Bryant. I knew some of the information that was presented, just from reading online and meeting with my academic adviser, but it was incredibly helpful to hear from a student who had gone through most of the required classes and a staff mentor who answered most of the questions that the students brought to the table!