Exploring Boston after President’s Day

20170221_113714On Tuesday morning, I took a tour of Boston after touring a graduate school in the area earlier that morning.

Back in the summer of 2016 when I interned in Boston, I normally left for the Peter Pan bus terminal at 5:00 am since the first ride left at 5:30 am. I had opted to use the bus instead of the train because I liked the convenience (the terminal was 10 minutes from where I lived), got to see the beautiful Boston sunrise every single morning, and got to work an hour and half early. I learned to not use the 7:30 am bus again after I got to work on the first day one hour late thanks to the wonderful traffic of Boston. Traffic jams comparable to that of Boston’s are seldom experienced in Providence. It was however not the same today. After summer, the schedules had been switched so the bus left at 8:30 am.

I hope by this time, almost every student who decided to come to Bryant is aware of how great the campus location is. Away from the noise of Providence, yet still a stone throw away for students who enjoy a small city life. More importantly, the school is incredibly close to Boston and roughly a  three hour drive to New York.

20170221_114801Anyway, back to my time in Boston. For the first time, I took the Green Line (those of you from Massachusetts & Boston would know what this is) to Downtown Crossing. Confusing as the subway system is, with its Inbound and Outbound train services, I did not get lost this time like I did in the summer of last year when I hopped in the Orange Line. It was much more quiet than what I had anticipated it to be.

My walk through the crossing brought back fond memories of how me and fellow interns spent our nights after work in cafés and tiny restaurants around this area contemplating how hard we had worked during the day, how lucky we were to be interning at one of the greatest firms in the world, and made it a point to make plans for the weekends.

My sweet memories were abruptly cut short when I was approached by a young lady well versed in the art of sales. She must have attended Bryant and majored in marketing because she skillfully convinced me to donate a sum amount to her charity. I was impressed with her slick abilities.

I made my way to Chinatown to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Boston- Gourmet Dumpling House – and again relived past glorious memories. My wonderful day soon came to a sad end & I was soon back on campus by 2 pm where I was reminded that I had a difficult finance test coming up.