My Last Career Fair at Bryant University

20170222_175919 The 2017 Spring Career Fair at Bryant was held last night. I am not aware if it is a personal experience that I tend to have, or the fact that a senior’s last semester at Bryant comes with a sobering reflection that nothing lasts forever, but whatever it is, times like these lead me to heavy personal reflection.

It was not long ago when I attended my first career fair. This is the link to the blog about my first career fair experience ( I know, I know, times have changed. I wished someone would have told me then to take things easy and that I would turn out just fine. I can honestly read that blog and laugh at a younger me.

20170222_175929My experience at this fair was as memorable as always. Seeing employers like PwC, E&Y, Fidelity Investments, and Dell had now become common place. This career fair however had some surprises for me that I did not anticipate. Mercer, Office of the Comptroller of Currency and some other fine organizations were present.

I had come here with my big bag for the “goodies” and proceeded to snoop around to make myself useful. There is always something fantastic these employers use to entice students to their tables. I grabbed it all.

I also managed to speak to some of the past recruiters who had expressed interest in hiring me as an intern last summer but whom I did not intern with. They were glad to see my progress and wished me luck in advance of graduation.

What I noticed at this fair was something I rarely noticed in all honesty during such career fairs. The multitudes of anxious students looking to secure an internship or full time offer after graduation were nowhere to be found. Everyone was cool, calm and laid back.

20170222_181816I made it a point to visit the PwC table and spoke to Bob Calabro, distinguished tax partner and board member of this university who was always welcomes students. We joked around, remarked on my progress since transferring to Bryant, and about my future with the firm.

I left after 30 minutes. One of the final pages I was looking to close at Bryant was closed. I sincerely wish success to all the students seeking opportunities.