What I learned from MyPATH

Freshman last week participated in Bryant’s “MyPATH” event as part of our Gateway curriculum. In a nutshell, MyPATH allows students to learn more about the majors and minors that are offered here at Bryant. Students attend a keynote speaker session, as well as two additional sessions that teach students about specific degrees.

I was unsure what to expect from MyPATH, mostly because I had already picked my major/minor combination of Marketing and Communication. But as the event went on, I noticed that I was not as informed about my courses as I could be. I actually learned a lot more about my major through the classroom sessions. Each of the two sessions are taught by students and a professor, so you get input about courses and future careers from sources currently working within your major. These sessions came after a motivational keynote presented by Zach Mercurio. Zach advocated for students to find a career path they enjoyed, and that it was okay if they had not chosen a career yet. He asked students to find their reason for attending Bryant, and to ask “why?” in their academic careers. The keynote was very relatable for a lot of students who may still have questions about what career to pursue, or what major can best fit their strengths.

For undecided students, this was a great way to decide on a major. Since you get to pick what course you attend, you can pick a session that best represents your interests. You can leave your comfort zone and explore new subjects; from International Business to Accounting to Anthropology to History.

I’d say MyPATH was a success in the end. Bryant has a very unique curriculum that asks students to pick a major/minor in the College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences. I think MyPATH can really help students who may favor either Business or Liberal Arts, but who might not really understand the courses available in the other department.