Double Majoring: What did I get myself into?

My college experience could have been a normal one, I could have just chosen one major like everyone else and went on my merry little way. But being me, and being the way I am, I couldn’t just do that.

When I first came to Bryant, I knew I was meant to be a marketing major. Throughout high school, I competed in DECA’s Marketing and Communications category and I blame it for making me love marketing. I continued on with it when I came to Bryant but felt like I could do more. Why should I JUST be another marketing major? I started wondering what I could do to create a differential advantage to my own personal brand. This was when the MyPath program came into play. When I attended it, I did not think anything would change for me, I had already declared my major so what else could I possibly do? Well, I then met Professor McCarthy.

When I first entered into the Supply Chain Management room I was struck by Professor McCarthy. She just looked like one of those professors that knows it all, like she was the Queen of Supply Chain (which she is but that is a whole other story). Throughout her presentation, I was struck by what supply chain actually was, and within a half hour I was hooked. I walked out of that room in a daze…was I now taking on another major or switching my entire life around?

In the end I chose to add on Supply Chain to my already existing major of Marketing with a minor in Communications. There are some days where I question my sanity in doing this, because I now have to work double time. Plus I am trying to balance two jobs, three clubs, and some sort of social life. Oh and more than five hours of sleep at night would be wonderful as well. But in the end, I know it will all pay off. More opportunities just mean more hard work in the end. I am doing two things I love dearly while knowing that when I graduate from Bryant I am 100% guaranteed the job of my dreams.

So why not take a chance and double major?