MyPath Speaker

Every year, Bryant holds a MyPath event. The event is a way for freshman to explore and learn the different majors and minors that the University offers, as well as the benefits and what to expect if you declare for that major/minor. For the second year in a row, I was asked to speak on behalf of the Marketing department.

For me, the MyPath event is one of my most memorable events I have ever attended at Bryant. When I was a freshman, the MyPath event introduced me to the Sales Team, so being picked to speak at the event makes me want to pay it forward. Because I am familiar with the freshmen perspectives, I wanted to make sure I would provide as much value as I could.

When I first walked into the room, it was packed and every seat was taken. Along with my fellow Sales Teammates, we each told our story on how the department has made us better individuals. For me, I spoke not only of my Sales experience, but also my experience with the Social Media Team. As much as the event is an information session for the freshman, it is also a recruitment session to draw interest for each club. At the end of the session, we were able to gain a heavy list of names that ended up showing up to the next meetings – translation: what we talked about provided some meaning.



When I was asked last year to speak at the event, it was an incredible honor due to the impact MyPath had on my own Bulldog career. Being able to speak for the second year in the row is, quite honestly, a responsibility that I did not expect having when I sat in the same chairs freshman year. Even though I have accomplished so much throughout my time, and hopefully more to come, speaking at MyPath is one of my accomplishments that holds the most value to me.