Playoff Bound – Dawg Pound Edition

The table is officially set – both Dawgs, the men and women’s teams, are heading to the playoffs. After an exciting showing for the ‘Snow Day’ game of the men, and a thrilling stretch for the women’s team, playoff basketball is now officially on the radar.

For Dawg Pound, it is always an exciting time of year. Playoffs are never a guarantee, so when the opportunity comes up, the Pound needs to make sure it takes advantage of it. As it currently stands, the women’s team has the privilege of hosting a playoff game, while the men are most likely on the road for their playoff run. Regardless, the Dawgs need to provide as much support as possible.

In terms of the Dawg Pound, dreams will hopefully become a reality. Recently, a Providence Newspaper predicted the men’s team as the ‘dark horse’ to make a deep playoff run. Even if they are not able to secure a home playoff game, the E-Board of the Dawg Pound will need to create an event in order to show full Bulldog pride. If the women continue to do the job, we will be able to be in the stands for their game.

Per usual, the number one fan besides Tupper himself is Big Dawg himself. Even though Dawg Pound has a strong voice throughout campus, students get behind President Machtley. Whether it is a tweet of support, or physically being in the stands, he and First Lady Machtley are always the key to getting the Pound riled up. The “Ron-ald Mach-tley” chant has become just as popular as “de-fense”, which only explains how much of an impact the President can have on the Dawg Pound.


The fact that both teams have a chance for the promise land is nothing to sleep on. Therefore, the Dawg Pound has to make sure it does not take its foot off the gas pedal, and move full steam ahead in showing its support. Plus, you never know what trick Big Dawg has up his sleeve – he could call the next snow day based on the success of either team!