Things to look forward to spring semester

It’s about that time of year where the snow is melting, more smiley faces are starting to show, and the winter jackets are being put away for the season. It smells like spring semester!!!!(The best semester). There are so many things to look forward to, that it is hard to contain my joy! Here is a top list of the best things to look forward to this spring semester.

The pond: when students aren’t in class, they bring their bedding, towels etc and sit out on the grass by the pond, and it is Bryant’s version of a mini quad. People are studying, listening to music, playing games, and enjoying each other’s presence. It is the best atmosphere to surround yourself in.

Spring Concert: SPB of Bryant works very hard all semester to bring in some of the best acts as an end of the year celebration to the students. In years past they have brought performers such as t-pain, and Wakka Flakka to campus, and it is free of charge for all students.

Baseball games: The baseball team is a division 1 all-star team here at Bryant. Ranking top in their conference last year- Bryant students flood the outfield, cheer on the team, and just hangout and enjoy the warm air and good friendships.

Day trips to Newport: On a some Saturdays, it’s nice to grab your friends and head down to Newport. Check out the beautiful beaches, the mansions, and the ice-cream shops! It’s literally the cutest downtown area, and it makes for great memories.

The summer: Yes we all love Bryant- some too much, but the spring semester comes and goes faster than you can imagine. And pretty soon you’ll be home in the warm sun, with your old and maybe some new Bryant friends with not a care in the world, or a homework assignment to be done!


Everyone enjoy your spring semester!