My Experiences This Week at the Academic Center for Excellence

This week I did a variety of programs where I really felt I learned a lot and made a ton of great advances which I feel will help me tremendously through my time at Bryant. First, I went to ACE, or the Academic Center of Excellence, and attended two workshops. The first one, “Preparing and Giving Great Presentations” was sponsored by the Writing Center, and the other was “Planning Out Your Life: Time Management Strategies,” which was sponsored by ACE. I also attended a Writing Center appointment with a tutor, who helped me organize my ideas for a paper I had to write.

The first presentation, “Preparing and Giving Great Presentations” was a great presentation about the what to-dos during presenting, as well as the what not to-dos. Bryant is known for encouraging students to work together and collaborate through group projects. Most of which end in presentations for professors and the student’s peers. I thought this presentation was helpful because it gave the students general tips such as information of size of text and whitespace on slideshows, as well as scenarios that the professor had specifically come into contact with in his own classes. I thought this presentation was one that definitely could have been turned into a Gateway session, one larger presentation that students typically need to complete for their First Year Gateway experience, because of its’ content and every student could use knowledge of great presentations. I really enjoyed going to this presentation!

The next presentation I attended was “Planning Out Your LIfe: Time Management Strategies.” This presentation was a little bit different than the first one, because the staff member really tried to focus the presentation on what the students wanted to hear in order to help them most effectively. For example, I told the instructor I was a bit worried about my time management for an exam I had soon after Spring Break, and she gave me a few strategies to think about ways to do well on the exam. I thought this presentation had great meaning for me, because I’m a procrastinator and I definitely left with some useful tips to keep my semester on track.

Later in the week was my Writing Center appointment. Admittedly I dropped the ball on an assignment. I usually procrastinate, but this had exceeded my usual day procrastinating for writing papers. I had a draft due at 9:30am on Thursday morning, and I had made the appointment on Wednesday afternoon because I had not started crafting a thesis, doing research, or had any words on the page. I went into my appointment not even with a topic. My tutor was amazing. We sat down and she helped me think of topics to write about, what would my main points be, and how I could expand on them. When I left I was so incredibly thankful that I had gone to the Writing Center because without my tutor, I doubt my paper would have been as great as it is now. I ended up submitting my paper right on time!

ACE has definitely improved my writing skills and taught me how to prepare for the future, so I’m incredibly thankful of this amazing free resource that we have on campus!  

Go Bulldogs!