Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA)


This past weekend, February 23-25th I, along with 14 other students traveled to South Hartford Connecticut for a conference titled “North East Greek Leader Association” or in other terms-NGLA. The idea behind this conference is for student leaders in the Greek life community located in the North East of the U.S. to attend a hotel conference for three days, listen to speakers, meet other members of our national sororities/fraternities, create friendships, and bring our knowledge and incorporate it back into our everyday lives on our respected campuses and organizations. From this weekend, all I can say is – boy did I learn a lot.


I had received a scholarship through our Panhellenic community (which is the overall title for all of the women’s sororities on campus). This scholarship I am grateful for because it covered my trip in full, and it gave me the opportunity to be able to write this article and share my knowledge with you all.

Now I am not going to sit here and write about every little thing I learned that weekend, because I am sure many of you may not care, and also many of you may not even have any idea of what I might be slightly talking about (much like my mother!). But what I am going to write is my top/favorite lessons I learned at this conference. And the lessons I did learn, I am not only incorporating into my Greek community and respected sorority, but also into my everyday life, and other clubs and organizations I involve myself with.


  1. Commit don’t comment.  On the last day of the conference, the last seminar I attended was an IMPROV related speaker. And he was discussing an issue within commitment with any club or organization, and how sometimes not everyone is always as committed/dedicated as we would like. He made the statement “commit don’t comment” which stuck out to me. He said how we as involved members of the clubs and orgs, are not made to cater to other members “complaints” if they aren’t committing themselves.
  2. Things aren’t changing because we aren’t allowing ourselves to change-tradition will kill us. This was by far my favorite lesson because not only is it relevant to my chapter-but also I feel it is very relevant to everyday lives/ work etc. This lesson was also learned in the IMPROV section as well. And I enjoyed this statement/lesson because to me, I feel like everything many of us do every day, we do it because “that’s what they did in the past.” Too many of us are afraid of change, or afraid what may come about from change. But we are in a generation that is highly focused on social media and technology, and sometimes things that worked in the past, won’t work today. It’s time for a change!
  3. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. My mother used to say something similar to this to me. I learned this lesson in my first seminar.  After the speaker told his story, he said this statement. And not only was he relating it to challenging topics, he was also referring it to your everyday life. You become like the five most people you spend your most time with. So through this, I learned to make sure the people I surround myself with are positive influences, and I am a positive influence to them back.

These were just three of the many lessons, and advice/tips I learned this weekend. I hope you can try to relate and/or incorporate these lessons into your everyday lives as well!