A Mid-Semester Update!

It’s almost midterm season here at Bryant! I thought I’d give the followers a taste of what my course load is like this semester. My first year here is literally flying by!  

Global Foundations of Character and Leadership:

This is part of the First Year Gateway that every student needs to complete for their first year. I’m taking the Religion and Global Politics section of this class and it’s really interesting so far! There’s a split divide between student participation and lectures, which I personally prefer when looking for a class. We’ve focused on the three major world religions and their origins so far. We’re now expanding onto the other major world religions which I am looking forward to learning more about!

Mass Communications:

This is my favorite class I’m taking this semester! This class focuses on understanding, analyzing, and decoding the media that we take in daily. I’m a marketing major and a communications minor, and this class was exactly what I was looking for in a communications class. I’ve learned so much about a few different industries such as the book, magazine, newspaper, and film. My professor is incredibly knowledgeable about this subject and her passion rubs off on students in the class.This topic is something I’m interested in learning more about because I plan on going into mass media! Taking this class has solidified my future aspirations.

Biology/ Biology Lab:

You’re probably asking, why is a business major taking a science class. Trust me, I thought this too when I found out that Bryant requires its students to take two science classes, plus a science lab.  I went to my first biology class and was incredibly surprised. My professor explained why we were taking science classes, which I later came to appreciate. It makes students more well rounded, and if we were ever to see or read something in the media, we could understand it. Although science is not my strongest subject, I find myself not dreading this class; I actually want to go to it! I’ve learned so much about cells and the body, I definitely feel that I can keep up with science and technology headlines that come across my screen every day! In addition to the biology class, I’m also taking the biology lab. We’ve been doing really interesting labs and next week we’re doing a dissection!


This is another class that fulfills the Gateway requirement. I do enjoy writing and so far we’ve written two papers. I really like this class because the papers we’ve done have had guidelines that aren’t totally strict. We had to write certain types of papers, such as informative and reflective, but the topics were pretty much up to our choosing. After bringing our papers in, our class had peer review sessions to help each other write better drafts of our papers. I really have enjoying getting feedback on my papers so far!


This is one of the courses that is required for the Business majors. We’ve focused on of the larger issues that have been impacted by Monetary and Fiscal Policy. I’ve learned so much about GDP, the Stock Market, and the Great Depression! This class definitely pushes me to keep up on world news and policies that are affected this nation in the macroeconomic sense. This class is definitely lecture heavy, but the professor is great at keeping the topics relevant and the students engaged.

Go Bulldogs!