Spring came early to Bryant

Once the temperature climbs above 50 degrees you can find the lawns of Bryant University populated with all of the students. The best time to come and tour the school is during this time because of the amount of energy that is present. It is almost as if students forget all of their responsibilities for just a moment. As if the sun, and the earth ease all of a college student’s fears. But at the same time, you can see the piles of homework surrounding them and the laptops propped up on the laps of the students while they try to soak up the rays of sun streaming down on them.

In these moments, I fall in love with Bryant all over again because of the sense of belonging that evolves among everyone during these moments. I came here specifically because I did not want to get lost in a large crowd. I wanted to be more than just a student during my college experience, I also wanted to be a well known member of a community. This feeling is a part of my every day experience at Bryant, but it is even more prone on these types of days. You can just see it while everyone is outside, there is just a strong bond that exists among every student on campus. No matter who you hang out with normally, and no matter what organization you are a part, it just does not seem to exist during times like these. Even President Machtley came out to the Bryant beach to see everyone enjoying themselves.

I dare you to tell me a better place to be than outside at Bryant on a warm spring day because it does not exist!