My last Transfer panel

On Saturday, March 4, I participated in my last Transfer Students Panel inside Fisher. The panel, which is organized by Bryant’s Admission Office, takes place once every semester with the aim of introducing potential transfer students and their families to the school and the transfer process.

The panel started at 10:00 am with the room filled to the capacity. So much so, that we had to bring in extra chairs. Jae Bergman, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission, began by giving a general overview of Bryant for the first half of the hour. Did you know, the job and graduate placement rate over the past 15 years has never dropped below 94%, even during the great 07-08 recession. That is something even I did not know about.

Each of us on the panel had the opportunity to spend a few minutes introducing ourselves, where we transferred from, and any relevant things we wanted to share.

Danielle Sturgeon went first, talking about her experiences transferring from a huge college in the south, life on campus, and in the residence halls. She also touched upon her transfer class experience. Brooke Maker went next, focusing on the nearly 100  clubs and organizations on campus, the org fair that happens in the fall, and how easy it was for students to get involved. Endy Perry, a junior, spoke about the small size of classes and the availability of the professors. I went last and talked about my transferring from a community college and your preparation to be able to handle classwork at Bryant. I also talked about the nationally recognized Amica Center for Career Education and how they greatly assisted students with job and internship preparation.  Finally, I touched on the Commuter Connection.

We were well received and I hope we were able to help these potential students with their decisions. I know our message had previously gotten across, because earlier this semester I met two community college students who had decided to transfer to Bryant after they heard me speak last fall on this panel.