Welcome Back!

It feels so great to be back on campus after a long but well-needed winter break. I truly had an amazing time as I went back home to my home country – Jamaica. It was great to reconnect with my peers and spend time with my family.

Here a couple pictures just giving the highlight of my break:







































Even though I enjoyed every single moment at home, I was also excited to come back to campus. It was great reconnecting with my peers after the break and hearing about all the exciting things that they did over the Winter Break!

Despite all of this, I still cannot help but focus on the number of days that we all have left until graduation. It seems like it was just yesterday that I arrived onto this campus to start my college career at Bryant University and now I am getting ready to leave. Time sure does fly!  In light of the new semester, my peers and I decided to make a bucket list for our last semester. This bucket list would have all the things that we did not get a chance to do over the last 3 years at Bryant – basically cramming everything into a couple of weeks. For instance, we would love to take a trip down to Newport when it get warmer outside and go to Six Flags.

I will definitely keep you all posted on our adventures throughout the semester.