Let it Snow

This week, the students of Bryant University experienced their very first snow day of the semester. As a student – this is the best news that you could possibly receive. I, for one was extremely excited for the snow day.

Of course, I had to start the snow day off right with some hot chocolate and a bit of light reading.15740961_10211957482193236_681527008266390882_n


Days like this are truly rare. I took it as a day to relax and destress while also using it to catch up and even get ahead on my academics. I made my to-do list of all that I had to do for that day. I was proud of myself because I actually got everything done on my list. As a senior, not only do we have to stay focused on our academics but we also have to juggle job searching with that.


The process of job searching is very intense. It honestly takes up a lot of time, but the advice that I received from my professors made the process a tad bit easier. By meeting with a couple of my professor’s in their office hours, I was able to use their expertise to help guide me through this process. My mind is surely at ease to know that I have them to turn to, if I need it. Not only are my professors extremely helpful but the AMICA Career Center on campus is also there for students. I, for one, am extremely excited about some of the programs that they have coming up – for instance the Career Fair. I will keep you posted on this.

Until next time…..