President Machtley’s best Twitter moments:

When you come to Bryant the word community is said a lot. However, it is only said so many times because people actually mean it. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past strangers on this campus, yet they still will always make sure to send me a wave or a welcoming smile. A major contribution to our community at Bryant is President Machtley and his wife Kati. The two of them go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels at home when they are on our campus. They are always making themselves present by attending all sporting events, shows, and even just sitting with students in the dining halls. When you first arrive in August as a first year student, they invite all 800+ students to their house for a welcoming dinner, and when you leave Bryant four years later, they send you off with a goodbye dinner. The President and his wife truly are the backbone of our campus community.

Along with being so present, friendly, and available on our campus and community, they also have emerged themselves into several different social media platforms as well! They present themselves in an entertaining and fun manner while interacting with students, faculty, and the university. Along with this- here is a list of the Top Tweets from President Machltey:









As if you needed another reason to come to Bryant-Just know you have the coolest President in the game!