Surviving Midterms

Even though I have been a student for almost three years, I will never find a perfect way to survive midterms. I have definitely had it easy the past couple of semesters, but this semester it felt like a round of finals. What made this round of midterms different was not the increase in work, but my change of habits in order to achieve success.

The first change of habit I made was taking my organization level to another level. I got on top of my game, and wrote down every single assignment I needed to get taken care of before I was able to start my spring break. Between exams and presentations, it definitely made it seem like it was overwhelming. But, by staying organized it helped me visualize what I needed to get done.

The second habit I picked up was snacking. My usual study habits did not include snacks in between, but I found a new passion for the Library café and the options they provide – specifically the pretzel and hummus combination. As it is always good to grab a little bit of energy, the café became my best friend this past week. Being able to explore the different options during study breaks helped me find healthy options to give me those extra couple of study hours into the night.

This past week of midterms made me feel like I was drowning in my textbook. With that said, the late night grinds are part of the reason why I enjoy being a Bulldog. Even though studying is not the funniest thing in the world, I do know that these experiences of closing shop at the library will help me be a better person in the long run.