Transitioning from Midterms to Break and Back to Bryant

Wow! It wasn’t until the other day while I was prepping for my midterms that I realized we’re almost at the end of the academic year. And what a year it has been. Even though the finish line is in sight, we still have a couple of months until the end of the semester.

This is the time that I think a lot of us struggle with our studies. You get through midterms and you think you can just relax a bit all the way through to your finals. I know during my first semester that I started to drop in my study habits around Thanksgiving break. So now that midterms are flying by and we are starting Spring Break, I decided to look back and see what I could do differently this semester than last semester to keep positive study habits and focus on my academics. Here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful to stay on track and do well heading into the last leg of the semester:

Try to alternate studying by yourself and reviewing with partners or a group. The AIC has tons of study rooms you can book, and there’s plenty of space for a large study group. For me, I like to study with some music on, so a breakout room in the AIC or library is the perfect spot to set up for midterm or exam studying.

If you’re looking for real-world context to your classes, the AMICA Center can help. Staff at the center help Bryant students connect with alumni, graduate schools, and most importantly companies in your field of study. Even if you’re not thinking about internships yet, AMICA Center can give you some more information about your career path to help you plan ahead in your studies. Try visiting them, you’ll learn a lot about the career path you want to take.

Though most students may think Academic Advising is only for course schedule changes, your advisers are a great resource to help you plan out your academic agenda and plan ahead for the future. Schedule a visit with your adviser, even if it’s just to introduce yourself. Advisers connect your passions and interests and career paths to your academic studies, so they play a pivotal role here on campus!

My best advice though would be to see the experts at our ACE and Writing Centers. I do pretty well in writing courses, but I struggle a bit in my math courses. ACE can provide you with one-on-one help to review anything from textbook examples, to homework problems, even older quizzes and exams. It’s a great resource, and available most of the week, so I highly recommend visiting.

Hope these tips helped! And to all my fellow Bryant students, have a great Spring Break!