My glorious Spring Break

One might be deceived by the title that I had a somewhat of an out-of-this-world Spring Break experience over the past week. Nothing could be further than the truth of course. My spring break was indeed filled with activities, but nothing specifically that would cause me to go out and dance in the streets.

I spent Spring Break right here in Rhode Island. I began the week with reviewing acceptance letters from some prestigious graduate programs I had been accepted into and debating decisions and painfully turning down an employment offer from a Fortune 10 company.

I proceeded for the rest of the week to work on some of my class work and spring break assignments, visited Newport on Tuesday and was back on campus both on Thursday.


After a “hard day’s work” I reclined into my seat in a movie theater and caught a much hyped movie.

Spring break ended too soon and the reality of getting back to learning became all too real.