Ladies’ Night at Bryant

ladies night

I had the privilege of hosting three prospective students who are considering coming to Bryant next year. They stayed at my townhouse at night, but during the day experienced a full day of activities simulating what it’s like to be a Bryant University student.

Being a Student Ambassador has always been a wonderful way to express my love for Bryant, but Ladies’ Night is my favorite event. Having someone stay over at Bryant gives them a deeper understanding of what life is like here. I appreciate the opportunity to show students how special it is! I’ve hosted students for Ladies’ Night all four years at Bryant. Every year I see wonderful women get a taste of Bryant. Many catch the Bryant bug and I see them in the halls the next year. It feels a little bit like the circle of life.

As I prepare to leave Bryant, I feel so happy for the next year of students who will get to experience life at this amazing institution. My wish for them is that they take advantage of the many things Bryant has to offer and make the most of their time here at Bryant.

Live in love,