Showing Friends What It Is Like To Be A Bulldog

One of the biggest transitions from high school to college is maintaining a level of communication. As your high school friends go to different schools and you go to college to make new friends, sometimes that level of communication dies out. Because the access to technology these days is so advanced, maintaining that level of communication is a little bit easier.

Finding that balance is important to me because I have still been able to keep close friendships from high school into my college career. Recently, I was able to have the opportunity of my close friends come and visit me for the weekend. They were able to get an understanding of the Bryant culture, as well as become friends with my suitemates.

Even though I consider it a mixture, it really was nothing at all. My friends from home matched up very well with my friends from Bryant. It was almost as if my friends attended Bryant, even though they come from different schools with different social cultures.

My favorite part of their trip to campus was just explaining the differences of Bryant compared to their schools. For example, one discussion we had was how Bryant has one building for everything, where my friends have three or more buildings for classes. Or how the Student Fisher Center can be “my favorite building in the world” to my friends, but just the hangout building to me. Their visit gave me a perspective to not only appreciate my surroundings at Bryant, but also a much better understanding of cultures and set-ups at other schools.

Bryant is very welcoming in having guests on campus. I was able to take my friends to different sporting events, have them eat under my meal plan, and make them feel like bulldogs for their stay. I have played visitor to other schools only a handful of times with my other friends. The reason being is because of the appeal coming to visit Bryant brings, as if spending a weekend can be checked off a bucket list for non-bulldogs.