Spring Break Recap

Spring Break has come and gone, unfortunately. But, the stories will stay. That is how it is supposed to go, right?

In the past, I have used Spring Break as an opportunity to rest and recover from the semester so far. This year, my roommates were pretty determined to travel. Because my school plans did not call for studying abroad, the idea of traveling for Spring Break became that much more appealing. Back in September, we briefly discussed the destination of Montreal. As the break became closer, we explored other options. The four of us (Joey, Jack, Andrew, and myself) made the commitment to travel to Cancun for the break.

The difference between the cold air of Montreal and the tropical beach side of Cancun is significant, but we hold no regrets for our impulsive decisions. The best part? We were able to book the trip a little more than two weeks from the start of Spring Break. After a long midterm season, it was time to relax.

The trip itself was a blast. It was my first time traveling without my family, so it did come with a bit of nerves. But, I have full trust in my group of friends that it felt like family. As I reflect, these are the same guys that I met in Hall 15 three years ago, and we traveled to a different country for a vacation. Before coming to school, you hear the stories that college gives you the opportunity to make friends for life. A trip like the one I just took with my friends validates those stories I used to hear.

As for Cancun itself, it was amazing. Being able to avoid the snow (as well as shoveling all day) and instead lay on a beach and by a pool definitely felt rewarding. Having my group of friends was also rewarding in itself. It was a memory we created as a unit, and a bond of friendship that we continue making stronger.