The Power of Bryant = Startup Business

There is a lot to say about a college that has an influx of students who are able to start up their own companies while still being full time students. It takes a certain kind of person to find the inner motivation and inspiration to start something like this. These qualities are found in most Bryant University students. Bryant just has the right environment to promote these sort of tendencies to go above and beyond the regular college students duties.

One of the newer companies that has emerged on campus is The Gratitude Guys. The following is their mission statement:

“We had a realization. Between all the work and the noise of modern day life, we had forgotten that we had so much to be grateful for. Our health, our loved ones, even the privilege of pursuing an education. We were so focused on moving forward that we lost sight of all the things out there to be grateful for. That’s why we started the Gratitude Guys, to remind ourselves to always keep improving. Join us on this journey of gratitude.”


They have created this beautiful and simple bracelet design to represent something bigger than ourselves. It’s a perfect, and graceful, reminder on how simple life can be if we focus on the things we can be grateful for.

Another company that has become popular on campus is House of Wale, which started out just selling watches but has now also expanded to sunglasses. There was not a mission statement to be found, but one is not needed for the amazing quality of these products.


It’s amazing to see the education that is being provided at Bryant put to go use through the student’s successes. It’s also extremely motivating to the rest of us to continue forward and to try and go above and beyond.