Spring Intramurals!

Happy Spring everyone! The weather is warming up, and we here at Bryant are ready to enjoy the nice sunny days! Athletes are starting their spring games this week, so good luck to them. But if you aren’t one of our D1 Bulldog athletes, there’s a lot to look forward to in spring intramural sports!

Volleyball: What says warm weather quite like sand volleyball? Grab a team of four and have some terrific matches. The season runs for the entire month of April. Registration costs $20 per team. This is the least required players for a roster, so it’s one of the easiest sports to register for here on campus!

Soccer: Soccer is one of the biggest intramurals on campus, and will be my sport of choice for this spring! This league is 7 vs 7 competition, and costs $30 per team. Games take place at night over at the Turf Complex. It’s a great opportunity for former high school soccer players as well as newcomers interested in the sport.

Softball: Get your batting orders ready for this 10 vs 10 player league! Currently a dozen or so teams have signed up for one of the more popular spring intramurals. A great way to meet new people, our softball league offers the largest amount of players per team. And at only $30 per team, it’s a fun way to spend a couple nights a week and stay active.

Field Hockey: Utilizing our brand new indoor field facility is our field hockey league. A growing sport across the nation, our Bryant intramural league offers 6 vs 6 competition. So far only a couple of teams have registered, so if interested make sure you sign up soon!

As important as academics are to our culture here at Bryant, extracurricular activities and sports play a pivotal role in our students’ daily lives. It’s important to get exercise in and meet new people with like-minded interests around campus. And with all the time spent on academics, I think intramurals helps fulfill those exercise and social goals. So definitely check out Bryant’s IM Leagues website for more information about league signups!