The home stretch of Spring Semester


With just about 6 weeks left in the school year until summer vacation, it’s sometimes hard to find motivation to finish out the semester strong, especially when this New England weather has been going from wind to snow, to rain, to sun all in a matter of 4 hours. Don’t let the weather of New England be the reason that you don’t finish strong. We are at the home stretch of the semester and you can do it.


Get all of your work done in advance. When the beginning of the week says snow/rain/cold- do your work then, because if they end of the week is projecting sunshine and warm weather- you will lose your motivation to get it done. So get your homework/studying done in the beginning so that you are able to enjoy the warm weather and good friends!


Make sure to go to class! When the warm weather does finally decide to come out, sometimes you might lose motivation to go to class, and just want to sit outside-but don’t! GO TO CLASS because- I promise you can sit outside with your friends before class, and chances are they will be there after class as well! You won’t miss much in a matter of 50 minutes, and plus you’ll be bettering your education and learning what you need to to pass your class!


Finish on top and look for help when needed! Ask your professor if you need help, or don’t be afraid to use ACE as a resource. All of these resources on campus are there to help you-not hurt you. Finals are just around the corner, and you want to finish on top, you should want to do good- because you deserve it!


Get your work done, go to class, and ask for help when needed. The semester is almost over. It’s the homerun stretch of spring semester- you got this!