A Trip to the Celtics

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of taking a school sponsored trip to the Celtics game at the TD Garden. The trip was organized by the Student Programming Board (SPB) here at Bryant. In case you don’t know what SPB does here at Bryant, I’ll give you a quick review. SPB offers programming for students during the week, on weekends, and late night events. They organize events on campus like movies and game nights, to off campus trips such as going into Boston for the day. I highly suggest taking advantage of these events!

Our trip started out on Friday night in the Fisher Student Center to fill out waiver forms. After that was complete, students (decked out in green,) headed out on two coach buses! After a little more than an hour, we arrived! We hustled through security to our seats, and made it just in time before tip-off.

The Celtics vs the Orlando Magic started with a hitch. The Celtics gave us quite the scare during the game. They were ranked first in the Eastern Conference, and the Magic were ranked way down at the bottom. Even with those statistics, the Magic led for awhile. Being from New England, I’ve always supported Boston teams, so the thought of the Celtics losing was not welcomed! They battled back and forth with the Orlando Magic, and struggled right up to the end, but the Celtics held onto their lead right until the end! Many Bryant students were incredibly happy with this outcome!

For anyone who hasn’t been to the TD Garden like myself, let me tell you, it was absolutely beautiful. I’ve been to many entertainment and sporting venues, but this was one of the prettiest, and the cleanest! There were so many different food options, from hot dogs, to gourmet burgers, and other stadium foods! The lines were not too long at all because there were so many options around the arena. We ended up walking a full circle around the arena and it was brightly lit and perfectly clean everywhere! I was incredibly impressed at the level the staff took to care for the building. I would definitely suggest seeing a game at the TD Garden sometimes soon! Thanks to SPB for hosting such a great event!

Go Bulldogs! (And Celtics!)

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