Why Do I Love Bryant?

Surprise! Another blog for you this week! Today I’m going to be talking about why I love Bryant so much, just to give you a taste of why the high school seniors might love it too.

First, Bryant is known for having strong programs in the College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences. I see this daily because I’m a communication minor. My Mass Communication class is one of my favorites, and the content I’m learning really transcends the classroom. Recently, there was a Public Speaking Colloquium organized by Communication professor Susan Baran, sponsored by the Hanover Insurance Group, and established by the Department of Communication. Events like this show how much our other departments care and are expanding.

Bryant also offers the Division I athletic experience, while maintaining a small school feel. Unlike other schools, our students do not have to enter a lottery to try to reserve seating for athletic events. We can support our classmates at any event which we choose, for free. This is a great opportunity for students who would still like to compete competitively at the Division I level but still would like to have a small school feel.

Because of Bryant’s size, there really is a community feel here. From the staff at Dunkin Donuts knowing your order, to saying “hi” to the dining staff, there really is a community aspect here you will not not find at other universities. President Machtley often eats in the dining hall and can be spotted at most basketball games. In Bryant classes, you will get to know your professors and classmates, because odds are you might have them again in your future, and you will share classes with people of similar majors. The community feel at Bryant is like no other, and is why I love Bryant so much.

Another reason I love Bryant is because of how well Bryant prepares you for the real world. Bryant is constantly throwing you into group projects and encouraging you to work with others. The Academic Innovation Center was made so students could easily innovate. Bryant hosts a variety of career-readiness events through the year, such as career fairs, coffee chats, and recruiters actively coming on our campus. Going to college is about preparing you for the real world and for your future and Bryant does this every single day. Bryant wants students to succeed and I can only hope that you can see this too!IMG_2270