2017 National Collegiate Sales Competition

The time finally arrived – the Sales Team was ready to take on Georgia. Last weekend, the team traveled to compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition at Kennesaw State. It is considered the Super Bowl of sales competitions, and the team was ready to give it everything we had for success.

Through all of the late nights staying up to practice role plays, it was finally our time to shine and let the rest of the country know what the Bryant Sales program is all about. As a team, I can be biased and say we worked extremely hard on making sure we are representing the brand properly each and every day. Whether we are on campus or in a different state, we always make sure to represent an image of excellence for the program.

Not only is it a privilege in being a part of the Sales Program, it is also a privilege to travel. I know it sounds silly, but I am not an active traveler. Each trip I have taken is usually due to a special reason. But because Bryant provides these opportunities, it is hard not to take advantage of them as long as I follow my responsibilities. Being able to travel has helped me become more organized with my work in the classroom, because it has forced me to prioritize assignments and complete things so it is not a lingering factor when I do travel. It has taught me to focus on the things in front of me, and in order to do that you need to complete things prior to leaving.

Once we got to the competition, it was go time. Everyone was presented with a task to accomplish, and knew what to do. There was either helping the competitors put together their final touches for their role plays, or network all day long. I was able to have a combination of both requirements, as I made sure our team members Taylor and Kyle were ready to compete, as well as representing the program at the career fair.

Even though the competition is the fun stuff, I had a blast networking. I was able to sell myself as well as the Bryant program, in hopes to get companies to attend the sales competition on campus in the fall. One thing is for sure though, at the biggest sales career fair in the world comes with the most amount of free stuff. Due to my networking skills, I was able to leave Georgia with eight pounds of swag that I will use until the next time I go.

Overall, the trip was a blast. It was my second time attending, but I am glad I was able to be a part of the team and contribute value along the way. It has been a successful program, and hopefully next year we can continue to bring home positive results.

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