Bryant Management Association

This past week, I was introduced to the Bryant Management Association. Even though they are a new organization, they are establishing themselves as one of the most valuable clubs on campus.

One of the main reasons why the association came together was to provide management majors an opportunity to join a club for their own studies. For example, there are organizations such as the Bryant Marketing Association and the Finance Association which are solid opportunities for students with those majors to expand their network. But, there was not a club for Management majors. The Association provides that opportunity for management majors to continue practicing and gaining real work management experience on a weekly basis. But to be clear, you do not need to be a management major in order to join the club. The President, for example, has three different concentrations and none are management. It also acts as a resource to understand management techniques to use in any form of business.

The club was also inspired due to the success of last year’s Project Playhouse event, which is a partnership between the Management Association, Wish Kids and local high school students that build five dream playhouses for children in the community that are terminally ill. As the club looks to make the event annual, it also looks to expand its network along the way. Throughout the semester, the association plans to invite guest speakers during meeting times and hopefully attend management conferences across the country.

Even though I am a marketing major, I believe I would be able to learn and benefit from management knowledge at some point in my professional career. This association provides me that opportunity, as well as being able to give back in a positive way at the same time.

Bryant Management Association Logo