Bryant University Spring Sales Competition

After hours of preparing, the time arrived. The Team Selling Sales competition was held last Tuesday. As part of the Sales Management class, I was partnered with another classmate in selling the Acquia Cloud Site Factory to an employer under a role play setting.

As I have mentioned before, the preparation was the hardest part. Not only did I have to understand my partner, I also had to prepare for a team selling atmosphere. Getting to know my partner, Jake Lazarus, was the most enjoyable part of the whole competition. Even though he is a second semester senior, Jake was still dedicated in applying effort towards succeeding in the competition. We got to know each other through practicing and strategizing the case, as we were both determined to do well. Our biggest success was agreeing on a strategy – we decided to have a balanced approach of presenting throughout the role play compared to a 50/50 split. This approach was different then some of our classmates, but we wanted to make sure we seemed like two experts towards the buyer instead of dividing each of us speaking through different halves.

Throughout our preparation was also being a mentor towards one of the students in the Personal Selling class. For the students in that class, it would be their first time experiencing a competitive atmosphere. So to understand the sales process would be all new to him. My mentee was Rob Norris, and being able to help him get a grip on how to do well in the competition was also extremely rewarding. I was able to do a little bit of coaching from both sides of it. Neither Jake or Rob had competed in a competition before, and I was determined in making sure we would all be successful.

The day of the competition was great. With multiple companies coming on campus to judge and network, the event was a day-long atmosphere full of positivity. All that hard work of preparing actually paid off. Rob as well and Jake and I advanced in the individual competition and the team selling competition. Jake and I eventually placed fourth in the entire competition, while Rob scored high in the individual competition. Even though it is cheesy, but hard work does pay off with results. This competition was one of those times where it paid off with some bragging rights, as well as a strong feeling of accomplishment.   IMG_5380 IMG_5300