Business Simulations: Going Beyond the Classroom

One of the amazing aspects of the classes we take at Bryant, is the amount of outside knowledge that is incorporated into them. There has not been a single moment so far where I have found myself sitting in class wondering when I was actually going to use any of this information in the real world. This is because professors here make sure they take their outside world knowledge and bring it into the classroom. Along with using amazing tools in order to keep us engaged both in and out of the classroom. My favorite tool used so far at Bryant is the business simulations, because who does not like to be the queen of their own business world?

Since I decided to become a double major I have had the pleasure of taking two classes this semester pertaining to each of my majors, allowing me to fully experience both of them. I was excited to start learning more about the subjects I will be spending the rest of my life in, but I never expected to experience what I am as of right now. Each course came with the same requirement of having the ultimate group project–a business simulation. Not only are we learning about the worlds of both marketing and supply chain management, but we are then taking that knowledge and applying it to our own business worlds.

For marketing our class was divided into six different teams all working towards making our product, which is a backpack, a success in the designated target markets we decide to enter into. For ten weeks we are looking into how pricing, distribution channels, design, and the actual marketing of the product, effects the different aspects of our companies’ success. To be able to visually see the effects that my actions have within the business world is incredible to my learning experience. I have been taking marketing courses, and have been competing in it, since my junior year of high school, I feel like I have seen it all. But now with this simulation I know there is much more to it and I can see the ebbs and flows within this environment.


For my global supply chain course I was afraid that I was not going to fully understand all of the different processes that go along with this industry. I was having a hard time actually visualizing them in my mind, and was starting to wonder whether I would ever wrap my mind around the concepts. But then  my professor assigned us a simulation to partake in as a group for the rest of the semester. Finally I was able to see how a manufacturer and a seller operate within a supply chain. Now I am in charge of how it all works and I can see whether my decisions will generate a profit or not. I finally fully understand the concepts.


Overall I never thought that within my college courses I would be partaking in real world business decisions and to see what the results would be. But here I am taking what I am learning and actually applying it to see a trial and error process. It is absolutely incredible to me and is providing me with the absolute best education.