My Best Friends are Professors

Yes, I have made some great friends at Bryant. I have made friends that are down the street from my hometown, live in different states, and even have lived in different countries. These friendships are some that I plan on carrying out for the rest of my life. Bryant provides a special opportunity where professors are able to have an impact on your career, and not just due to a nice lecture.

I have realized that some of my great friends are my professors. They are able to help me with any advice I need. Whether it is to seek advice on registering for classes, tips on networking with companies, or talking about sports, I have been lucky enough to be thankful for some of the professors on campus. This opportunity might not happen if not for the structure of Bryant’s classroom setting. Due to the smaller size classrooms, it is much easier to get in communication with a professor compared to a large lecture hall.

Having professors as resources have been an incredible help throughout my Bryant career. It creates a level of comfort because of the level of support each professor brings. I have had instances where I am struggling with an assignment, and I am able to stop by a professor’s office and ask questions to get a better understanding. Even though a clarification should take a couple of minutes, I find myself staying in professor’s offices longer by just having conversations with them.

Just like I am trying to maintain my relationships with my friend’s years after college, I am trying to do the same with some of the professors that have had a positive influence on me. Like I said earlier, it is an extremely unique opportunity that I am trying to take advantage of. The professors are the experts, and just because you learn inside the classroom does not mean the learning has to stop there.