So Close, Yet Still Far Enough

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy the company of my family coming to take a day trip to Rhode Island in visiting me. Even though they are a lengthy drive away, it is still possible to come down and grab some lunch together.

Even though the biggest factor in coming to visit was to bring me items for my trip to Georgia, I wanted to reflect on how grateful I am that my family is able to make trips like this. Because I am close with people who have families in other countries, I am twice as appreciative as I would be each time I see my family while at school.

Being able to be reasonably close also creates that perfect balance of being close enough to grab lunch, but also far away where I am able to have that separation of living out the college experience. Even though it depends on geographical logistics, some students are lucky enough like myself to enjoy the same privilege.

On average, I am able to spend quality time once a month with my family due to the convenience of Bryant’s location. Family is an important aspect of my life, and it was when I was making my college decision. Even though I keep a daily communication using my phone, nothing beats quality time in person. For my family, that quality time is usually bonded through food. Being able to go to Bryant lets my family explore the wonders of Providence and Federal Hill, as we come from a very biased Boston food base.

Regardless, family should always be important to someone. For me, having this convenience is a blessing. Seeing family throughout the school year is almost like a reliever, because it gets you away from the textbooks every once and a while. Even though last weekend was not the first time my family has come to visit me, it just made me realize how thankful I am they are able to do such things.