Steve Wozniak Comes to Bryant

The Woz got a taste of what Bulldogs are all about. This past Thursday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak came on campus to speak on his life throughout Apple, as well as his experiences he learned along the way.

As a big fan of Apple myself, this was a big day for me. I grew up idolizing Steve Jobs and Wozniak for their creations in the technology industry. Never would I have thought in my life I would be able to see one of those two individuals in person, but Bryant gave me the opportunity to make that thought a reality. In a fireside conversation with President Machtley, Woz was able to share some insight on what it was like to live in his shoes, and where he sees the future heading for the industry.

The speech was actually very interesting. Wozniak spoke with passion the entire time – you could hear it in every syllable that came out of his mouth when he discussed his accomplishments. Wozniak talked about his drive in building computers, his side of the success story with Apple, and provided advice to students in making sure to find that passion in their profession.

My favorite part of the entire speech was when Wozniak spoke about his ability to envision things in the industry. He provided examples of the type of computers he built and stuff, but the piece that caught my attention was how he was able to predict what the technology industry would look like in one year. He first said two, but caught himself due to the fact that the industry is always evolving. But the quote that stood out was, “I was able to predict what the industry would look like a year in advance because I was inventing that new technology now.” To me, that quote sums up what Wozniak is all about – a man that had a special drive in a particular field and cared about it non-stop.

Another interesting aspect Wozniak touched on was his relationship with Jobs. He mentioned a lot, but my favorite part was when he discussed their roles in the company, he basically said “Steve did not know a lot about computers, heck he did not know much about technology at all. He wanted the magazine covers and being able to make the business decisions. For me, I was shy and not into that type of stuff. Instead, I wanted to get to work on whatever I was working on in the lab.” To me, that just goes back to how important it is to find that passion in life. Wozniak found it, and did whatever it took to continue to have enjoyment throughout his life in the industry.

I am thankful Bryant is able to have events like this. Not because I was able to see one of my idols, but because I am able to get something out of these types of events. I left the talk today with more wisdom and inspiration than I walked into the room with. That has been a pattern at Bryant, and I am glad I am part of that cycle.